Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Giving you the opportunity to plan and pay for your funeral in advance.

Pre-Paid Funerals at Massey Bros.

Massey Bros. have been helping people plan ahead for more than ten years.

While most people don’t want to think about planning their own funeral there is satisfaction in knowing your affairs are in order and you can get on with the business of living.

A pre-paid funeral plan enables you to plan and pay for your funeral in advance. You can decide on the funeral you want, specifying your arrangements (in advance) no matter how simple or unusual the request.

Our plans cover both religious and civil funerals, burials and cremations.

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Golden Charter Trust

Taking care of the Detail

Here at Massey Bros. Funeral Directors we can help you take care of every detail. A phonecall to our office or a visit to one of our branches will secure an appointment with one of our funeral planners who will be only too happy to discuss your requirements in confidence with you.

Golden Charter (Ireland) Ltd is one of our trusted plan providers. They are an experienced funeral planning company whose business is solely pre-paid funerals.

Your payment will go directly into Golden Charter Trust which will hold the money for your funeral on your behalf. When the time comes, Massey Bros. Funeral Directors will carry out your wishes as specified in your plan. They will then forward the account together with a copy of death certificate to Golden Charter (Ireland) for payment. A cheque will then be issued to cover the costs of your funeral.

For more information or to make an appointment with a funeral planning specialist, please contact your local funeral home.

Download our Planning Ahead Booklet (PDF)
Massey Bros. Insurance-based pre-paid funeral plan

Massey Bros. Funeral Directors has joined forces with Insurances & Financial Services Ltd. to offer a unique insurance-based funeral plan that also allows for bequests.

This innovative insurance-based funeral plan* not only allows the policy holder to cover their funeral costs, but it may also include a legacy for a loved one as part of the sum assured. Massey Bros. will meet with you to discuss the type of funeral you would like to plan. Your wishes will be recorded in a document which you will be given a copy of and which we recommend is placed with your last will and testament. You will be provided with a full cost which will be used as the basis for a private consultation with Insurances & Financial Services Ltd. who will put in place the insurance plan that will cover the cost of your funeral and any additional sums you may wish to include.

To contact us simply call 01 4533333

*The Massey Bros. funeral plan is available to people who at the time of application are aged between 18 and 75 years and is subject to proposal and acceptance. It requires payment of a monthly premium which is determined by the insurer based on individual circumstances. The cover provided is on a Whole of Life basis where the premium and benefit are guaranteed for the whole of the insured’s life. A legal agreement ensuring that Massey Bros. carry out the wishes of the policy holder i.e. arrange the funeral of their choice is also signed which includes a commitment from Massey Bros. to return any surplus from the amount paid by the insurance company to the estate of the deceased. The legacy portion of the insured sum is covered by a separate legal agreement assigning the amount directly to the estate of the deceased or a named individual. The Insurance Broker, Insurances & Financial Services Ltd. and any insurance company/product provider chosen are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The Terms of Business from the Broker and the Terms and Conditions of the policy will be issued with every quotation requested in advance of commencement of any Life Assurance Plan/Funeral Plan.