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International Funeral Repatriation Explained

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Are you among the thousands of people who have made Ireland your home? If so, have you considered an international repatriation plan?

On an ongoing basis, we speak with clients who have made Ireland their home and who, on their passing, would like their remains to be returned to the place of their birth.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this would be a hugely complicated and expensive thing to do, but, it is easier to arrange in advance and pay for than you might think.

Last year, Massey Bros. launched Ireland’s only Funeral Insurance Plan aimed at the growing number of people from overseas who would like to return home on their passing but who are concerned about the level of cost involved and the burden that would place on their families.

The plan is offered in partnership with Insurances & Financial Services Ltd., Insurance & Financial Brokers and can be tailored to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover the cost of repatriation to any country in the world.

It has been designed not just to ensure that the funds are available to pay for the repatriation, but also to take care of the arrangements for the family. Additionally, there is the option to include provision for local funeral costs and the cost of airfares for family members so that they can travel home with the deceased and attend their ‘local’ funeral too. Should the death benefit paid out be in excess of the actual cost of repatriation, Massey Bros. will return the balance of funds to the estate of the deceased.

The cost of an insurance based international repatriation plan depends on a number of things including the circumstances of the individual and the country to which they would like their remains to be sent. However, the vast majority of people should be able to avail of a plan from as little as €10.00 per month plus the government levy of 10c per month. The exact cost will be calculated by the Broker once you have agreed your chosen funeral arrangements with one of our Repatriation Consultants.

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The international repatriation plan is available to people who at the time of application are aged up to 80 years at their next birthday and is subject to terms and conditions. It requires payment of a monthly premium which is determined by the insurer based on individual circumstances. A legal agreement ensuring that Massey Bros. carry out the wishes of the policy holder i.e. repatriate their remains to their chosen country is also signed which includes a commitment from Massey Bros. to return any surplus from the amount paid by the insurance company to the estate of the deceased. The Insurance & Financial Broker, Insurances & Financial Services Ltd. and any insurance company/product provider chosen are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The Terms of Business from the Broker and the Terms and Conditions of the policy will be issued with every quotation requested in advance of commencement of any Life Assurance Plan/Repatriation Agreement.